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She threw a wish into the cosmic universe up there and made a pact with the supreme power: if we can find Lai Fu, I shall pack up and return home. Within 6 hours, Lai Fu was found!! I have to honour my promise and pack up now. Farewell, Hawkshead. 

7/29/2009 09:16:08 am

it is always amazing how you have some kind of magical power with dogs... and such genuine unconditional love for dogs... don't get me wrong, am just admiring...

remember, how Youtiao had to hear your voice first, before passing on.... and now, with Lai Fu being gone for a couple of days already, with no hope of being found... then you go and make a PACT and he is FOUND!!!

He is your DESTINY!!!

7/29/2009 09:21:17 am

and that alone should already make a cool short play between a master and a dog... as David stated, "Lai Fu is your Destiny!" and soon you will be reunited with him again....

for now enjoy the vids:


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